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Automatically Post Condition-based Notifications to Slack
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You can leverage HappyFox's powerful automation suite - Smart Rules to post conditional notifications to different channels in your slack workspace.

Applicable Plans: ✖️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus

Permission Alert 🔐: You would require "Manage Smart Rules" managerial permission to configure automation rules for Slack Notifications.

Haven't configured Slack Integration yet? Click here to get started 🚀.

Essential Guide to Configure a "Post to Slack" Smart Rule:

  • Log in to HappyFox account as an agent.
  • Navigate to Automate >> Smart Rules.
  • Click "Create a Smart Rule".
  • In the Action train, under notify, select "Post to Slack".
    • Select the channel you would like the notifications to get posted to.
    • Every rule can also be configured to send a custom message which will support merge fields to provide more contextual information in your Slack workspace.
      • The custom message will be available as the first slack element. It will be fully pre-filled with the real-time values of the dynamic content that was defined in the message section using merge field variables.
    • In addition to a custom message, you can specify up to 10 ticket properties to display inside the Slack notification.
      • This list includes standard properties such as status, priority etc, along with ticket/contact custom fields.
  • In the Condition train, specify the conditions that govern when the Smart Rule should be triggered automatically.
  • Enter the name and description of the Smart Rule. Choose applicable categories and associate an appropriate Work Schedule. Enable/Disable one-time execution of Smart Rules.
  • Remember to click "Finish Creating Smart Rule" button when done.

Smart Rule Execution in a sample ticket:

Sample Push Notification in a Slack channel (With merge fields replaced dynamically):

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