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Configure Slack Integration with HappyFox

Slack is a centralized instant messaging and collaboration platform that lets you unify all your organization’s notifications - from sales to product development, into one single searchable hub where you can deliberate and work with your team.


The HappyFox-Slack integration lets you to automatically push select ticketing events from HappyFox (new ticket creation, ticket assignment, category change, etc) instantly to any slack channel of your choice.

Available Plans: ✖️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus

Integration Overview

With this HappyFox-Slack integration, you can:

  1. Post Ticket-Related events (New Ticket, Agent Replies, etc.) instantly to a slack channel of your choice.
  2. Create, respond and modify help desk tickets from within your Slack workspace. Learn more.
  3. Configure Smart rules to post condition-based notifications about tickets in your workspace's Slack channels automatically. Learn more.
  4. Search for external Knowledge Base articles using slash commands. Learn more.

Watch the Slack Integration Walkthrough 📽:



Installation Instructions ⚙️

Permission Alert 🔐: You would need "Manage apps settings" managerial permission to install or configure Slack app for your HappyFox account.
  • Log in to your HappyFox account as an agent.
  • Navigate to Apps >> Chat >> Slack.
  • Click "Install".
  • In the subsequent screen, click the "Add to Slack" button.
  • You will be asked to sign into your Slack account and authorize HappyFox. Choose a channel or DM to post HappyFox notifications.
  • Click "Install". Once authorized, you will be returned to the app manage page.
  • Voila! Your HappyFox account is successfully integrated with your Slack Workspace!
  • Under "Basic Settings" you can verify your Slack Workspace name, workspace id and the "Integration Status".
Alert 🚨:  At this time, It is possible to integrate only one slack workspace with a HappyFox account.

Configuring Channel Notifications 🛎

  • Post successful installation, you will be returned to the app manage page.
  • Under the "Notify Slack" section, Map slack channels to be notified for one or more ticketing events in chosen categories.
  • List of currently supported ticketing events:
    • New ticket creation
    • Contact Reply
    • Agent Reply
    • Category Change
    • Agent private note
    • Assignee Change
    • SLA breach
    • Ticket Closure
  • Multiple event notifications from multiple categories can be posted to a single slack channel. By this way, agents can configure as many notification rules to different slack channels in their organization's workspace.
  • Don't forget to click the Save button.
Important note 📝 : By default, only public channels are displayed in the "To Channels" dropdown. Add "HappyFox Slack App" to any private channel to make the channel visible in the "To channels" dropdown. 

Here's a sample slack notification from HappyFox:

Disabling Slack Integration from HappyFox:

You can temporarily disable slack integration if you want to pause the notifications to slack channels.

  • Go to Apps >> Chat >> Slack.
  • Under "Basic Settings" disable the status toggle.
  • Click "Confirm" to disable the Slack app.
Warning ⚠️: You would be asked to delete any Smart Rules with "Post to Slack" action prior to disabling. Otherwise, you can disable with a simple confirmation.

Important Note ❗️:You can re-enable the integration with the same Slack account again. Disabling the integration 'will not' delete its configuration.

Unlinking Slack Integration from HappyFox:

You can permanently unlink existing slack integration from your HappyFox account if you would like to link another workspace with your HappyFox account.

Alert🚨: Unlinking Slack app will delete your current integration configuration.
  • Navigate to Apps >> Chat >> Slack.
  • Under "Basic Settings" section click "Unlink" button.
  • Click "Confirm" to unlink HappyFox Slack Integration.
Warning ⚠️: You will be asked to delete any Smart Rules with "Post to Slack" action prior to unlinking. Otherwise, you can unlink with a simple confirmation.



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