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Create and Manage Smart Rules
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Smart Rules help automate a major chunk of the administrative duties of a support team. From Automating complex category workflows to ticket closures, Smart Rules can help save agents' time and allows them to focus more on providing quality customer support.


Available on all Pricing Plans




Go to Automate >> Smart Rules.


Note: Page Visibility is governed by a permission "Manage Smart Rules". If you are not able to see this section, contact your administrator.



Smart Rule Action:


Smart Rule Action refers to the action/process you wish to automate. You can only perform one action per Smart Rule.






Send SMS

Sends configurable SMS to recipients specified. This action is available only to account administrators who have successfully set up the SMS feature.

Send Email

Sends customizable Email to the recipients specified.

Add Subscribers

Adds agents as Subscribers to tickets.

Trigger Webhook

Automatically hits a particular URL/Webhook.

Trigger Workflows

Automatically triggers a particular HappyFox Workflow.

Post to Slack Automatically post conditional notifications to Slack. Learn more.


Please note that for Trigger Webhook option to be available, Webhooks need to be active on your account and be enabled/toggled on under Main Menu --> Apps --> Webhooks

Set Ticket Properties:




Set Status

Sets the Status of the ticket to the value specified.

Set Priority

Sets the Priority of the ticket to the Value Specified.

Set Category

Sets the Category of the ticket to the value specified.

Add Tags

Adds specified Tags to a ticket.


Manage Deadlines:




Set Due Date

Sets the Due Date of the ticket to the date specified.

Clear Due Date

Clears the Due Date of the ticket.


Manage Assignment:




Set Assignee

Sets the Assignee of the ticket to the agent specified.

Set Assignee Dynamically

Dynamically Sets Assignee of a ticket based upon ticket creation, first staff reply and last staff reply.


Smart Rule Condition:


All Smart Rules execute if the conditions defined are fulfilled. Conditions can be grouped into Match All or Match Any. For Match All, all of the conditions specified needs to be TRUE for the Smart Rule to get executed. For Match Any, any one of the conditions specified needs to be TRUE for the Smart Rule to be executed.


Create a Smart Rule:



  1. Click Create a new Smart Rule
  2. Choose the action that will be performed by the Smart Rule. Meet Subsequent Actions criteria if any.
  3. Define conditions that govern when the Smart Rule should be triggered automatically.
  4. Enter name and description for the Smart Rule. Choose applicable categories and associate an appropriate Work Schedule. Choose if the Smart Rule needs to be executed only once.
  5. Finish Smart Creating Smart Rule.


Send Email

  1. With this action, HappyFox sends out an email to a third party or your manager or an agent/customer when your ticket meets the specific condition which you configure. 
  2. You can customize the below settings of the email
    1. From name: The FROM name which your end recipient sees in the email. You can choose to display either your category email, assigned agent or last replies agent. 
    2. Recipients: To whom the email should be triggered. 
    3. Subject
    4. Message 
  3. Once configured, HappyFox picks the format/template configured here while triggering the email. 


  1. View/Modify Existing Smart Rules: 


  1. Click on the desired Smart Rule to view/edit on the Smart Rules page.
  2. Find all the information about that Smart Rules in the "Quick Preview".
  3. Click "Edit" to edit the Smart Rules information.
  4. Click "Clone" to create a similar Smart Rule
  5. Click "Delete" to delete the Smart Rule.
Alert 🚨: Since Smart Rules are reportable, you cannot re-use an already deleted smart rule's name in a new one.

Smart Rule executions in tickets:


To know how Smart Rules work in HappyFox Classic, refer to the document attached.


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