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Reports: Smart Rules
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With the Smart Rule Report, you can monitor the Smart Rules that require improvements and aim to deliver a refined automation-rich customer support experience. 

Available on Fantastic and above pricing plans

Important Note: This article is about the new reimagined "Smart Rule Report". If you're   looking for  HappyFox Classic's Legacy Smart Rule metrics report, click here


Go to Reports >> Smart Rules.




Note: Visibility of this report is governed by a permission. Read more about Reports      Permissions here.

Summary Pane: 

Overview tabs in the summary pane give you a gist on key smart rule statistics:


Smart Rules: Displays the count of smart rules that were triggered at least once across tickets during the specified time-frame.

Times Triggered: Displays the number of times various smart rules were triggered across tickets during the specified time-frame.

Tickets Applied: Displays the count of tickets which had at least one smart rule trigger during the specified time-frame.



By Smart Rule:

This widget visualizes the distribution of smart rules individually over metrics such as

  • Times Triggered :

       This count is updated every time a smart rule has a trigger on a particular ticket. 

  • Tickets Applied

       This count is updated if a particular ticket had a smart rule trigger activity. Multiple triggers on a single ticket are counted as one.


This widget gives you an overall idea of the performance of Smart Rules. You can find out which smart rule had the most triggers and which smart rule had the most tickets applied within the specified time-frame. 


By Smart Rule - Relative:

With both the metrics (Tickets Applied and Times Triggered) listed side-by-side, you can quickly compare one metric's value relative to another. Also, you can infer which Smart rules have high Times Triggered: Tickets Applied ratio.


 Smart Rule Metrics Across Time: 

This widget distributes the smart rule metrics (times triggered and tickets applied) and corresponding smart rules over time. With this widget, you can identify specific time periods with high Smart Rule activity or benchmark one Smart Rule against another.
You can further refine this visualization in time by hour, day, month, quarter or year.
Smart Rule metrics across time can be viewed in three visualizations:

  • Timeline Table
  • Heatmap
  • Line Graph.




Deleted/Disabled Smart Rules:

Deleted Smart Rules do account for the Report statistics, but only if they had at least one trigger during the time-frame specified in the filter. Additionally, you may find the count of active/disabled/deleted smart rules inside the help text of the Smart Rules overview tab.



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