Automate Ticket Due Dates using Smart rules

Due Dates play a crucial role in delivering prompt customer support. Manually updating due dates for similar tickets might be cumbersome. Additionally, you may want to perform ticketing actions on multiple tickets due on a particular day.  HappyFox's automation suite lets you automatically set due dates on tickets.

Available on all pricing plans

There are 2 ways to use Due date in Smart rules:

  • Due date as an 'action': Set or clear due date automatically based on a ticket condition
  • Due date as a 'condition': Perform an action automatically based on due date as the condition. 

Due Date as an action:



Set Due Date

Updates the “Due Date” of the tickets with the days specified.

Clear Due Date

Clears “Due Date” value for the tickets.

Note: To set the Due Date as today(realtime), set due days as 0.

Due Date as a condition:



Is Today

Picks all tickets that have the due date set to today, to perform the specified actions.

In (Days)

Picks all tickets for which Due Date is in the specified number of days.

Is Gone past by (Days)

Picks all tickets for which due date is gone past by the given number of days

Is not Set

Picks all tickets for which Due date is NULL.

Is not Set

Picks all tickets for which Due date is not NULL.

To know how this feature works in HappyFox Classic, refer to the document attached.