Setting due date on a ticket

Setting a due date for a ticket can be done in two ways. You can set a due date to a ticket by clicking on either the Add Update or Add Private note. Select a date from the date picker under Set Due Date option.

You can clear a due date on a ticket by clicking on the 'x' button next to the date on the due date section.

Actions based on Due dates:

1. Tickets can be filtered based on their Due dates, from current list using advanced search in ticket list page.

2. Tickets can also be sorted based on the due date; From ticket list, Click Sort >> Due date.

3. To change due dates of multiple ticket together,

    a. Check all the ticket from the ticket list, and click on Actions >> Mass Reply.

    b. In the update box, click on Due Date and set a due date from the date picker, and click Update.

4. Due date in Smart Rules:

    a. Can be used as conditions in smart rules and SLA; Go to Manage >> Smart Rules >> New Smart Rule and click on Due date from the conditions.

    b. Setting and clearing of Due date can be performed as automatic actions based on conditions in a smart rule;

By default, you cannot add a message update to the tickets once the due date is crossed, and the only way to fix this is by changing the due date to a future date. If you'd like to add message to a ticket even after the due date has crossed, you can edit the category level setting to allow adding update to overdue tickets:

1. Go to Manage >> Category

2. Click on Edit, against that category you want to change the settings for.

3. Change the 'Allow adding update on a ticket which is overdue?' drop down value under Ticket Update options to 'Yes'.

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  • 03-Oct-2018