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Forward Ticket to recipients
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Sometimes you need to involve a third party vendor or someone outside your team on a ticket. HappyFox lets you forward an entire ticket content to an email address without the hassles of accessing your email account. 

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Steps to Forward a ticket:

To forward a ticket, open the ticket >> click More Actions >> Forward Ticket.


In the forward ticket template, specify the recipient email addresses (auto-suggest is enabled for existing HappyFox contacts), select attachments, include or exclude private notes, type in the message that you would like to accompany the ticket and, finally, click Forward Ticket.



HappyFox provides three options to handle the replies to the forwarded ticket. 

1. Convert the reply as an internal note on the same ticket

  • The replies to the forwarded ticket are treated as unique internal notes and identified using "Reply to forward note" header.
  • The ticket's contact will not be notified about this update.
  • The email address of the person replying to the forwarded ticket is included in the internal note.


For this option to work, please enable Advanced Ticket Threading Preferences
For accounts with Channels, please enable Automatic threading for tickets under Main Menu > Channels > Ticket Threading Preferences

2. Convert it to a new ticket

  • The ticket ID reference is removed from the forwarded ticket.
  • Reply to the forward will create a new ticket.
  • Subsequent conversations will thread the replies to the newly created ticket.

3. Convert it as a reply to the ticket

  • The replies will be threaded to the same ticket as responses non-staff replies.
  • The original ticket contact will be notified of these responses.



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