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Threading Without Ticket ID in the Subject Line
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This feature facilitates threading of tickets and its updates without the need of having ticket ID in the subject line. Current behaviour requires ticket ID to be present in the subject line. 

Note: This is applicable in all the pricing plans. 

The threading of the tickets can now be achieved in two ways:


Option 1: Ticket Id less threading

Ticket ID will not be used to thread the tickets or the updates. To achieve this feature, go to "Manage > General > Advanced Ticket Threading Preferences (Optional)" and enable it, if already not enabled.

Note: The new feature(Option 1) is enabled by default for the accounts that are created after April 13, 2015.


How is this achieved?

Threading is achieved by adding a References email header to all outgoing email notifications from HappyFox. This email header is of the form <ticketID>@<accountname> When emails come back into the HappyFox system, this mail header is parsed and if the email contains a valid ticket ID in the Reference, the email is added as an update to the existing ticket.


Option 2: Threading using ticket ID

In this option, threading is achieved through the conventional practice of parsing the ticket ID from the subject line and threading it to the appropriate ticket. To achieve this, go to "Manage > General > Advanced Ticket Threading Preferences (Optional)"  and disable it.

Note: The conventional feature(Option 2) is retained as default for the accounts that were created before April 13, 2015.


Note:If you prefer option 1, Please make sure that in the templates {{ticket_Id}} placeholder is removed in the subject to avoid appending ticket ID in the mail thread subject line. If you prefer option 2, it is mandatory to have the ticket ID in the subject, to avoid creating new tickets for every update.

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