Choosing the ‘From’ name for outgoing email notifications

The purpose of this feature is to allow the users to be able to toggle the name displayed in the email notification(s), sent to the contact.

The admin has three options to choose from, namely;

  • Category Name
  • Staff Name
  • Custom Name

- Choosing the 'Category Name' will add the respective category name as the 'From' name for the outgoing notifications.

- Choosing the 'Staff Name' will add the staff's name who replies to the ticket, as the 'From' name.

- Choosing 'Custom Name' will display a text-box below, and the text input into the "custom name" field will be sent as the 'From' name for all outgoing notifications for the respective category.

To choose the 'From' name that needs to be displayed to the outgoing notifications for tickets from each category, go to "Manage > Notifications".

Now, under the "Contact Notifications" section, for each of the below mentioned three types of notifications, you will be able to set up the 'From Name' for all categories in it.

  • New Ticket Auto-Responder: Category Name, Custom Name
  • Ticket Reply: Category Name, Staff Name, Custom Name
  • Ticket Assignment: Category Name, Staff Name, Custom Name 

Changing 'From' name for Outgoing Notifications:

Click on the "New Ticket Auto-Responder" or "Ticket Reply" or the "Ticket Assignment" links, under the "Contact Notifications" section.

In the resultant page, choose a desired template that needs to be used for the outgoing notifications. Once done, under the newly introduced "Display Names in Emails" column, choose between "Category Name", "Staff Name" and "Custom Name" options from the dropdown for each category. (In the case of "New Ticket Auto-Responder", the "Staff Name" option will not be available.)

By default, the 'Category Name' is selected. Click on the dropdown and choose an option from the list.

Email Notifications (Sample): 

1. Category Name as the 'From' Name:

2. Staff Name as the 'From' Name:

3. Custom Name as the 'From' Name:

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  • 03-Oct-2018