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API: Create and Manage Assets in HappyFox

Please find the Assets API documentation attached with this article on the right side of this page. For other API requirements, please visit this link: [][1] [1]:

Exporting Assets to Spreadsheets

HappyFox supports reporting on assets via downloadable spreadsheet exports. To download a report, 1. Navigate to the "Asset Management" module. 2. From the Asset List page, click on "Download Report" button. ![][1] 3. You will be prompted with a confirmation model asking for permission to send the report via email…

Manage Asset Custom Fields

Asset Custom Fields help to add additional properties to the various Assets in your inventory. > Available in Enterprise or higher pricing plan. ![][1] > **Note: "**NAME**" **and "DISPLAY ID" form a part of the default fields, and hence cannot be modified or removed. Asset Custom Fields displayed in Ticket Details…

Creating, Editing and Linking Assets

HappyFox allows you to create, edit and manage assets. In addition to managing assets, you can also create associations between assets and tickets. Using the new asset management module, you can easily keep track of the assets against which the tickets have been raised - all within HappyFox. > This feature is availab…

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