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Exporting Assets to Spreadsheets
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HappyFox supports reporting on assets via downloadable spreadsheet exports. To download a report,


1. Navigate to the "Asset Management" module.

2. From the Asset List page, click on "Download Report" button.



3. You will be prompted with a confirmation model asking for permission to send the report via email. Click on "Send".

4. An email will be sent to you with the link to the report. The link will be valid for 48 hours.


Understanding the Report

The report will be in ".XLSX" format and consists of 3 tabs.

1. Asset Info

Contains the list of all assets along with the number of unique tickets that each asset has been linked to. 

  • Asset Name
  • Display ID
  • Description
  • Asset Type
  • Custom Fields (if configured)
  • # of tickets associated

Please note that the "quantity" field is specific to an asset's relation to a ticket. It will not be part of this tab. 


2. Quantity Info

This contains the list of all the assets in the system along with the net quantities specified across each ticket the asset has been linked to. For example, if asset "Apple Macbook Pro 2015 Non-Retina" is associated with 3 unique tickets with corresponding quantities 2, 3 and 4, then this report will have 3 rows for "Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Non-Retina" with the corresponding ticket ID and quantity in each row.


The following fields are part of this report.

  • Asset Name
  • Ticket ID
  • Asset Quantity

3. Ticket Info

This report contains the unique list of tickets that the assets are related to along with relevant ticket properties. By combining the second and third reports, you can fetch details about the tickets that each asset is associated with. 


The following fields are included in this report.

  • Ticket ID

  • Ticket Category

  • Ticket Subject

  • Assigned Agent Name

  • Ticket Status

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