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Asset Details Page: Explained
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HappyFox Asset Details page provides a concise view of asset information, contact links, activity log and recent ticket associations. Agents can perform actions on assets like "edit", "clone" or "delete" from the Asset details page.


To learn more about HappyFox's asset management module, click here.




Visit "Assets" from the module switcher. From there, agents can navigate to an Asset Details page from the Asset list, by clicking on the corresponding row item. 



Asset Activity Log:


HappyFox captures the changes made to an asset in the activity log. The timestamp of the change, along with the agent who made the change are logged. To access this log, visit the "Activity" tab.


These changes could be of the following types:

  • Changes to asset information like Name, Display ID, and asset fields.
  • Ticket Link/Unlink.
  • Contact Link/Unlink.



Recent tickets linked to the asset


Using the recent tickets tab, agents can quickly access the recent tickets linked to the asset. By clicking the "View all tickets" link agents can view a list of all the tickets linked to an asset.




Actions on Assets

Assets can be modified, cloned, or deleted from the asset details page. To edit, clone, or delete an asset, visit the corresponding links on the top section. 



Details of the Asset, along with the contact links can be modified using the "Edit" option:



Agents can also perform a quick edit on the Asset Custom Fields by clicking "Edit All" from the Asset Information section:


Similarly, agents can perform quick edit on the contacts linked to an asset:


Access Pending Tickets linked to the Asset:

Click the area highlighted to quickly view the tickets that are pending and linked to the corresponding asset:


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