Perform ticket level actions via email

HappyFox not only allows you to reply to a ticket from your email but also enables you to modify the properties of the ticket such as change the status and priority and assign it to a staff member, simultaneously.

To modify the properties of a ticket add @@set and specify the action you wish to perform and then end with @@. Remember to type this before your reply message in your email.

For example, to reply to a ticket and at the same time change its status to “Open”,

you will need to type @@set status:open@@ and follow it up with your email reply in the next line. This reply will get appended to the ticket as a staff response and also change the status of the ticket to Open.

HappyFox will automatically strip the first line and only your email reply will be added as a response to the ticket.

The other properties of a ticket that can be modified in this format are  Priority, status, assignee.

The format is : @@set [action]@@

where [action] could be a combination of status, priority and/or assignee

1. To change a ticket's status, the tag is @@set status:[option]@@, where [option] is the label of the status you wish to change the ticket's current state to.

2. To change a ticket's priority, the tag is @@set priority:[option]@@, where [option] is the label of the priority you wish to change the ticket's current priority to.

3. To change a ticket's assignee, the tag is @@set assignee:[option]@@, where [option] is the username of the staff member you wish to assign the ticket to.

A typical action tag could be made up of:

@@set status:solved, priority:high, assignee:john@@

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  • 03-Oct-2018