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Perform ticket level actions via email
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HappyFox allows you to modify ticket properties such as status, priority and assignee while responding to tickets via email.

How to modify Ticket properties:

Add @@set and specify the action you wish to perform and then end with @@. Remember to type this before your reply message in your email.

The format is: @@set [action]@@

HappyFox will automatically strip the first line and only your email reply will be added as a response to the ticket.

The properties of a ticket that can be modified in this format are Priority, status, assignee where [action] could be a combination of status, priority and/or assignee

  • To change a ticket's status, the tag is @@set status:[option]@@, where [option] is the label of the status you wish to change the ticket's current state to.
  • To change a ticket's priority, the tag is @@set priority:[option]@@, where [option] is the label of the priority you wish to change the ticket's current priority to.
  • To change a ticket's assignee, the tag is @@set assignee:[option]@@, where [option] is the username of the staff member you wish to assign the ticket to.

A typical action tag could be made up of:

@@set status:solved, priority:high, assignee:john@@

Representative Case:

Below is a sample ticket with a status New:

We shall now reply to the ticket and at the same time change its status to “Open”. Type @@set status:open@@ and follow it up with your email reply in the next line.

This reply will get appended to the ticket as an agent response and also change the status of the ticket to Open (as below).

Note: This feature will not work if the email address linked to an agent is also linked to a contact inside the same help desk. Please make sure to delete such contacts inside Manage >> Contacts page prior to using this feature.
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