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Disable Traditional Login Methods

If you have any SAML - based SSO configured in your HappyFox account, you can choose to enable/disable the traditional login methods.

Steps to Disable Traditional Logins:

  • Log in to HappyFox as an agent.
  • Visit this URL:
    • https://<yourhelpdeskname>.happyfox.com/staff/manage/integrations/auth/saml/
      • Where <yourhelpdeskname> refers to your HappyFox help desk name.
  • Under "Basic SAML Settings",
    • Disable non-SAML authentication for agents dropdown:
      • Choose "Yes" if you want traditional login methods disabled for Agents.
    • Disable non-SAML authentication for contacts dropdown:
      • Choose "Yes" if you want traditional login methods disabled for contacts.
  • Click "Save Settings" to confirm.

This way, you can selectively choose to disable/enable traditional logins for both contacts and agents.

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