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API for HappyFox
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HappyFox provides you with RESTful APIs where you can create a ticket, add updates to a ticket, list tickets and users and much more.  JSON, Form Urlencoded and Multipart Form Data are the supported formats for the APIs.


What you need, how you can use it, API version, Resource URI and all other information can be found here on this exclusive page for APIs





Other commonly used endpoints are listed below.


API key and auth code are to be passed in Basic HTTP authentication format only.


1. List categories


API Endpoint: https://<account_name>


Method: GET


2. List staffs/agents


API Endpoint: https://<account_name>


Method: GET


3. List all ticket custom fields


API Endpoint: https://<account_name>


Method: GET


4. List all contact custom fields


API Endpoint:


Method: GET


5. Export Knowledge Base


API Endpoint: API end points:


The above url returns all the public articles in your Knowledge Base<id_of_the_article>


The above url allows you to access one article a time, using the article id provided from the /articles/ endpoint in the previous step.


Method: GET

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