Redirect emails sent to personal (or non-category) email IDs

HappyFox mail parsing program accepts emails redirected from other mail clients. This is useful when you have to preserve the original sender of the email.

What is a redirected email?

In case of forwarded emails, the email ID of the forwarder will be set as the client email in the ticket. But while redirecting, the original sender's email ID will be set as the client email. 

How to redirect?

Redirection feature is normally available in mail clients like Apple Mail etc. Most webmail services like gmail, yahoo etc. do not support this feature.

How to identify a redirected email in help desk?

Such redirected emails will be marked with a new  icon on the right side of each update showing that it has been redirected. 

On hover, you can also see the person who redirected the mail.

The activity logs for that update will also contain information mentioning that the message was redirected and who redirected it.

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  • 03-Oct-2018