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Reports: SLA
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HappyFox's SLA (Service Level Agreement) Report allows administrators to measure the performance of different SLAs configured in the help desk and see how well agents are maintaining them.


Available on Fantastic and above pricing plans.


Heads up: SLA report is being rolled in batches out to all applicable HappyFox accounts. In case you would like to get access to this report sooner, send an e-mail to and we'll prioritise your request.



Go to Reports >> SLA (From the module switcher).




🔐 Permission Alert: The Visibility of this report is governed by managerial permission - "View SLA Reports". Read more about Reports Permissions here.


How to set up the SLA report?

  • Choose the desired Categories for which you want the report statistics to be based upon.
  • Select the time period for the report. The report statistics will populate based on the tickets that had an SLA watch during the selected time period.


Summary Pane:

Overview tabs in the summary pane give you a gist on some overall SLA performance statistics:


Tickets Checked: Displays the count of tickets which were under an SLA monitor.

Tickets Breached: Displays the count of tickets which had at least one SLA breach. Multiple breaches within the same ticket are counted as one.

# Breaches: Displays count of SLA breaches across tickets. Multiple breaches within the same ticket are counted separately.

Worst Performing SLA:  Displays the worst-performing SLA and it's achieved percentage when compared to your defined SLA Targets.



Note :

  • The above statistics are subject to the time-frame and categories selected in the filter.  
  • Worst Performing SLA:
    • Only SLAs that did not meet the target/goal are taken into consideration and the worst performing SLA among them is displayed along with its achieved %.
    • If all of your SLAs met the target/goal%, then a placeholder- " ~ "is displayed with no subtext.


By SLA - Expanded:

This widget gives a detailed overview of the performance of different SLAs configured in your help desk with respect to metrics such as:


  • Tickets Checked: The count of tickets that were monitored by the corresponding SLA.
  • Tickets Breached: The number of tickets that had breached the corresponding SLA.
  • # Breaches: The total number of breaches of the corresponding SLA. Multiple breaches within the same ticket are counted separately.
  • Target: The target goal percentage that you have set as a benchmark for the corresponding SLA.
  • Achieved: The goal percentage that your helpdesk has achieved for the corresponding SLA. This value is calculated as : 100 - (Tickets Breached * 100 / Tickets Checked).


Note:  You can quickly identify the best/worst performing SLA with respect to each metric by sorting the columns. You can also narrow down the statistics to a single SLA by typing the SLA name into the "Search" bar.


Table Limit: A maximum of 100 SLAs will be shown in the By SLA - Expanded table.



Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the update frequency of the SLA report?

A: SLA report is updated every hour automatically. You can also use the "Refresh" button to pull in the latest report statistics.


2) Are Disabled/Deleted SLAs included in the SLA report?

A: Yes. Both disabled and deleted SLAs are included in the report statistics provided they had monitored atleast 1 ticket in the time range specified.


3) Are SLA breaches on deleted tickets included in SLA report?

A: No. SLA statistics on deleted tickets are not reported.


4) How do I export SLA statistics to spreadsheets?
You can export SLA statistics to the spreadsheets through HappyFox classic reports. Learn how.


5) How can I drill-down the tickets which have breached an SLA?

A: You can identify list tickets which have breached an SLA through filters in ticket list page. Learn how.


6) How do I access tickets that are about to breach an SLA?

A: Agents can view tickets that are about to breach SLA through HappyFox overview dashboards. More on that here.


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