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How to create a parent-child category?
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 Though you have only one support email ID from which you receive all the support queries, you might want to dissect these support queries further according to the nature of the query or by the internal team hierarchy. Let's assume you have a category called Support to which all your queries come in, you might want to create subcategories such as technical support or L2 support where there are different types of agents working on different types of issues but always receive emails only from one email ID. 


  1. To achieve this, you should have one category which has an email channel associated with it, in our example its support category which has [email protected] email channel associated with it. Now create the subcategory called technical support from Manage >> Categories page. 

  2. While creating the category, expand the email channel setup accordion to view the “Outgoing channel for contact notification option”. 

  3. Choose the support email channel’s email ID here in the outgoing channel. 


Once you have set this up, all the emails will start coming into the “Support” category. Once you have moved the ticket to “L2 Support”, your helpdesk agent can work on them and send replies to the customer just as they normally would. When customers send a reply subsequently, the email will be parsed and appended to the same ticket, which is now in “L2 Support”. Although they are actually sending an email to [email protected], which is the email ID associated with the “Support” category. 


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