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Printing Tickets
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You can print a printer-friendly variant of any ticket. You can choose to perform the print action on tickets individually or in bulk.

You can also use this method to generate a PDF version of the ticket.

To print a ticket:

  1. Go to the desired ticket's details page.
  2. Click the "more actions" menu towards the top right, then select "print".
  3. A printer-friendly version of the ticket opens.
  4. All the basic ticket information such as priority, status etc will be automatically available for printing. Choose the additional ticket-items to be printed. Currently, we support:
    1. Replies
    2. Private notes
    3. Forwards
    4. Activity log
  5. Click "Print". Your browser's dialog box will pop-out containing additional settings and a final confirmation to perform the print.

To know how the bulk printing of tickets works, check out our bulk actions article.

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