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Deleting a Category from your helpdesk 🗑️
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Here's everything you need to know about deleting a category from your helpdesk.

How to delete a Category?

  • Log in to your agent portal.
  • Make sure your role has the permission " Manage Categories" enabled ðŸ”.
  • Go to Manage >> Categories from the module switcher.
  • Under "Current Categories", you will find the list of categories currently available in your helpdesk.

  • Hover over the desired category and click "Delete".
  • In the subsequent pop-up choose to either:
    • Change the category of the constituent tickets to a different one.
    • Delete all tickets in this category.
  • Click "Confirm Delete".

  • Warning ⚠️ : Deleting a Category is an irreversible change. Please exercise caution before proceeding to delete a category.
  • Deleting a category and choosing to either move or delete its constituent tickets takes time.⏳You can track the progress of the deletion using the progress indicator.

Cases that require an action before initiating the deletion of a category:

  • The Category is used as an action or condition in any of the following:
    • Smart Rules.
    • SLAs.
    • Ticket Templates.
    • Reports.
  • The category is associated with a Multi-Brand.
  • The category is associated with a social media integration such as Facebook/Twitter.
  • The Category is associated with a voice integration such as RingCentral.

In the above cases, you must disassociate the category with the above-mentioned items before proceeding to deletion.


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