Export Contacts to spreadsheets

You can export your HappyFox contacts through reports to a .csv or .xls file leveraging the power of HappyFox Reports.

Available in all pricing plans.

To Start Exporting HappyFox Contacts:

  • Log in to your HappyFox account.
  • Go to Reports >> New Report. 
  • Specify the conditions and other fields if applicable to your report, and click "Create and View".
  • In the subsequent reports details screen, specify the time range.
  • Click on the customer activity icon. You will get to see all your customers along with their statistics. Some names might be blank, the reason being only their email id is stored in contact information and not the name. Click "CSV/Excel" to export the contacts listed to the report.


Tip: You can also export Contacts using HappyFox API, which will provide the list of all contacts, 50 at a time. Please note that you would need developer assistance or development expertise to use HappyFox API.

Here's the API documentation: http://www.happyfox.com/developers/api/1.1/user.php#readall
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