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Add Customer Contacts
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Contacts in HappyFox are your customers or end users who submit requests into your support system. HappyFox allows you to maintain a detailed profile of all your customers making communication easier.

Once a customer raises his first ticket, he is automatically added to your contacts, if he does not exist in your contacts already. 

This Article pertains to "HappyFox Classic" version of contacts. If you are using the newer version, please visit this link.

Adding New Contact:

To add a contact manually, login to your account, click on the “Contacts” tab.The contacts page shows you the list of contacts and contact groups your support system currently holds.


1. To add a new contact, click the “+” symbol under “All Contacts Section” or the “Add new contact” button. This opens a new contact form in which you can add the name and email addresses of the new contact.

2. Tick the check box to send the contact an email generated password that the contact can use to login.

3. When you are done, click the Add Contact button to save the details.




4. You can also add new contacts from Change contact dialog. You can start typing the email id on the text box which will show you the existing contacts in the given name and if the contact does not exist a new contact will be created when you click "Create or Change Contact" button.


You can also view the total number of tickets and the number of pending tickets raised by a contact.


1. To do this, click on the name of the contact in the Contacts page which opens the “Contact Details” page,

2. Clicking the “View All” button next to the total tickets, will open the page showing all the tickets raised by the contact.

3. To edit the details of an existing Contact, simply click the Contact’s name. Click “Edit”, and you will be prompted with a new window, where you can make the necessary changes.

4. Click “Save Changes” button, to save the changes you have made.

5. To delete a contact, click the “Delete button”, upon which you will be prompted with a dialog box where you will be shown the number of tickets associated with the contact who you wish to delete.

To confirm delete, click the “Delete Contact” button, or to cancel the delete operation, click the “Cancel” button.


Note: Once a contact is deleted, the tickets associated with that particular contact would also be deleted. 


Who can perform this action?

Staff with permissions to create, edit and group contacts will have access to create contact information. Admin can additionally maintain custom contact information through contacts page for personalized customer support. The Import Contacts link on the right side pane will be accessible only for the account admin, by default. This feature is available for accounts on all pricing plans including Mighty, Popular and Young plans.



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