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Exporting Contacts to Spreadsheets
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Contacts can be exported to spreadsheets from the HappyFox help desk using the Export Contacts button available in the Contacts module. An email with a link to download will be sent to the agent who requested the export.

Steps to Export Contacts from HappyFox Help Desk:

  1. Navigate to the Contact module.
  2. From the Contact List page, click on the Export Contacts button.  



  1. Once the export file is ready an email with the link to download the contacts will be sent to the respective email address.
  2. The export file name will have the month and date on which the export was generated.
  3. A sample screenshot of the export file is shown for reference below.


Understanding the Report

The report will be in .CSV format and consists of the following fields:

  • Name - Name of the contact
  • Email - Email address of the contact
  • Phone No(s) - List of phone numbers associated with the contact. The primary phone no will be displayed first followed by other phone numbers (if available) separated by a comma
  • Contact Group(s) - List of the contact groups linked
  • Contact Custom Fields - (if configured) will be listed in separate columns


1. Who can export the Contacts from the Contact module?

Only the agents with the Export Contacts permission enabled will be able to view the Export Contacts button in the Contacts module. This can be enabled in Manage > Roles and Permissions > Managerial > Contacts >Export Contacts


2. Will the agent be able  to export all the contacts available in the Help Desk?
An agent will only be able to export the list of contacts that are accessible to him (associated with his categories). To export all the contacts listed in the help desk the View Unassociated Contacts permission needs to be enabled in Manage > Roles and Permissions > Managerial > Contacts.


3. How long is the link to download the export valid?
The link to download will be valid only for 3 days from the date of email

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