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Ticket Sidebar in HappyFox Helpdesk
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On a ticket detail page, data specific to the ticket is displayed on Ticket Sidebar.


They include:

  • Contact Information
  • Ticket Information
  • Tags
  • Time Spent
  • Integration Data

Contact Information

All the default and custom contact fields are displayed in this box as shown below. 


Ticket Information

All the ticket custom fields are displayed under this. 



The tags that have been added to the tickets are shown here.


Time Spent

The total time spent on the ticket by a staff member or a group of staff members can be viewed here.



All data that is pulled in via integration is displayed here. If there is more than one integration active then there will separate boxes for each. Shown below is an example of how they would look.



Agents can change the display order of the cards  in the Ticket details sidebar. The cards can be reordered  by the following ways.

1. Click the Reorder button at the bottom

2. Click on the cards header

3. Drag and drop to the desired location,

4. and then click Save.


The current order will be retained as the agent navigates away from the page and comes back later.


Collapsible cards in Ticket details sidebar


You can also collapse the cards displayed in the Ticket details sidebar by clicking on the card title. The cards when in collapsed state will display the Card Title in the header. The current card status (expanded/collapsed) will be retained as the agent navigates away from the page and comes back later.



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