Delete tickets

To delete the tickets from helpdesk and database, the agent should have Delete tickets permission enabled. When this permission is enabled and you delete a ticket, the system physically removes the ticket from the database instead of marking the ticket as Deleted. When the ticket is deleted, the following ticket-related items are also deleted:

  • Attachments
  • Client notes
  • Agent notes
  • Ticket activity entries

To delete a ticket :

1. Log into the staff portal.

2. Click on the ticket that needs to be deleted.

3. From the More Actions dropdown, click Delete Ticket.

4. Click delete in the delete confirmation dialogue box to permanently remove the ticket. 

Note :

It is not possible to retrieve/restore a deleted ticket in HappyFox. 

However, the delete logs can be found if you go to the particular ticket's URL (<your_happyfox_URL>/staff/ticket/<ticket_number>).

The log provides the name of the staff who deleted the ticket, the time at which the ticket was deleted, Name and Email of the ticket raiser and the subject of the ticket. 

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  • 29-Oct-2018