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Split Ticket
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In many cases, a ticket might contain multiple unrelated issues that need to be addressed separately. Splitting a single ticket into different tickets allow multiple agents to work separately on the support requests, giving each problem the attention it deserves.

To split a ticket ✂️ :

1. Login to your HappyFox and choose the ticket you wish to split.

2. Click on the 'more' tab under the recent update from the customer and click 'Split'.

There should be atleast two replies from the customer before a ticket can be split.

2. You can now provide a Subject for the new ticket, set its Category, Status and Priority, and Assign it to the concerned helpdesk staff.

3. After you’ve split the ticket, you can see the most recent update from the customer as a new ticket altogether.

A link to the new ticket will be available on the old ticket and vice versa.


                (link to the new ticket)                                         (link to the old ticket)


Note: When splitting a ticket, all attachments from the original contact update will be correspondingly moved to the new ticket.

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