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Preview Tickets
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The HappyFox V2 has incorporated a new Quick Preview feature. It allows users to preview the content of a ticket without actually opening it up along. You can also perform ticket level operations like adding a reply/private note, hence including the functionality that the ticket reply box offers.
Watch a Feature Walkthrough 📽:

To Preview a ticket:

From any ticket list page, click the line of content below the ticket subject line to open up the Quick Preview of the ticket

On clicking, the quick preview should open up from the right side of the window.


When the Quick Preview slides into view, it hides certain ticket properties displayed towards the right of the page. As a work around for that the hidden ticket properties are shown in the upper area of the Quick Preview


Adding an update from Quick Preview:

At the bottom of the quick preview window, choose the respective update action you want to perform. 


If a ticket has multiple updates, Quick Preview allows you to scroll through all of them. 



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