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Compact view of tickets
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Compact view mode in HappyFox is an alternate layout for agents to visualize a larger list of tickets in a tabular fashion.

Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️Enterprise Plus

What's New ✨: "Last Modified" added as a new selectable column in the custom compact view.

Advantages of Compact view:

  1. Fits more tickets in lesser view area.
  2. Includes custom fields in list view.
  3. Resizable columns to fit more details about each ticket.

Steps to enable compact view:

  1. Go to Profile >> My Settings
  2. Navigate to the Ticket Preferences tab
  3. Choose compact in ticket list view dropdown
Note: View ticket preferences changes are configurable at per agent level.




  1. Click the view switcher on the top right of the ticket list screen.
  2. Choose "Compact View Mode".


Compact view has two field layout options:

  • Default view: Default set of columns which cannot be modified.
  • Custom view: Customizable list of columns to pick from. 



Default View:

The default view shows few of the most important fields as columns:

  1. Status
  2. Subject
  3. Assignee
  4. Contact
  5. Category
  6. Last Updated
  7. Last Modified

Note: The order and fields of default view of compact view mode cannot be changed. To customize your compact view mode, choose "Custom View" as shown below.


Custom View:

The custom view allows you to customize the columns represented and also determine their order.

Custom view also allows agents to add "Ticket-Custom Fields" and "Contact Custom Fields" to the list of columns to be represented in compact view mode.


Steps to customize Compact view:

  1. Click the view mode toggle on the top left.

  2. Select the Custom View.

  3. Select/De-Select the fields you want to add/remove to/from the compact view.

  4. Drag the individual fields to reflect their order in columns.

Note: Subject field cannot be removed from the list


Ticket Details/Quick Preview Navigation:

In addition to these columns, there are the following options provided:

  1. Pin
  2. Subscribe
  3. More actions - (Change - Status, Priority, Assignee and Due Date)
  4. Un-responded / SLA status indicator
  5. Attachment indicator


To know how to set Compact View mode in HappyFox Classic, refer to the document attached.

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