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Ticket List Page
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This article will get you up to speed with the different functionalities and features on the HappyFox Ticket List Page.


  1. Ticket Bar 

    To start out, lets understand the "Ticket Bar". Its explained in detail in this article: Ticket Bar Explained

  2. Quick Preview

    Clicking the message snippet opens up the Quick Preview Pane.This allows you to view the content of a ticket from the Ticket List page without having to actually open up the ticket.
    This article will illustrate on how to use Quick Preview: Quick Preview Tickets

  3. Pinning of Tickets

    If you want to closely monitor a ticket without having to keep it open at all times, you can pin the ticket to the side pane. This side pane can be accessed from any page on the 'Tickets' module.
    This article will explain in-depth as to how this feature works: Pinning Tickets

  4. Bulk Actions

    There will be scenarios that will require performing a single action on multiple tickets. This is where the Bulk Action feature can be used, to perform ticket property changes on multiple tickets.
    This article will explain how to effectively use Bulk Actions in HappyFox New: Bulk Actions

  5. Queues 

    Queues are a subset of tickets which are displayed as a queue according to a set of filter conditions. These are displayed in the left navigation pane of a ticket list page. An agent can have multiple queues created to view a different set of ticket queues based on the condition set for each. This article will help you get started with Queues : Setting Up Queues.

  6. Search

    The search field on the top of the page allows you to search through tickets based on your keyword input.

  7. Using Filters

    With Filters in HappyFox New, your staff can drill down on ticket list view, using advanced options such as multiple saved filters, time based conditions,multiple combinations of conditions and custom field conditions. 
    The following article will give you a step-by-step approach on how to use Filters : Filters in HappyFox New

  8. Sorting Tickets

    This can be accessed above the list of tickets as described in the picture below. It allows you to sort tickets that are present on your page according to different criteria like Last Replied, Time of Ticket Creation, Priority, and so on. 


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