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Pin Tickets 📌
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HappyFox allows agents to pin tickets on the left pane to keep track of certain tickets and quickly access them without having to open them in multiple tabs. Also, this feature could be used to compare tickets in the Ticket list view against pending pinned tickets.

Watch a Feature Walkthrough 📽:

Agents can Pin tickets from the ticket list page or detail page by clicking on the “Pin” icon in the ticket card.

For already pinned tickets, the “Pin” icon will be highlighted.

The pinned ticket is displayed on the left pane and is stacked on top of the previously pinned tickets.

On hover over the left pane area, basic details of pinned tickets are displayed.This includes subject line, contact name and last update time.

If there is a new update to any of the pinned tickets, a blue dot appears to indicate the change in real-time.

To unpin a ticket, the agent can either click on the “Pin/Unpin” icon in the ticket box or the close icon (X) in the left pane. 


Note: A maximum of 50 tickets can be pinned.

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