Creating a private ticket - visible only to staff


1. To create a new ticket, click on the "New Ticket" link as shown in image below. 

           (in HappyFox)

           (in HappyFox New )

2. Enter the "Subject" of the ticket, the "Message" and choose "Private Ticket" option.

3. Click on "Create Ticket" button.

If the "Private Ticket" option is selected, the ticket will not be visible to the contacts, and can be accessed by the "staff members" only. 

4. A Private ticket can be identified by a slashed eye symbol besides the subject line.

What it does:

When this option is checked while creating a ticket, 

1. The customer will NOT be able to view the ticket from the customer panel.

2. Email notifications will NOT be sent for tickets that have been created with this option, enabled.