Setup contact notifications

Contact notifications can be set to trigger emails during following events:

1. New Ticket Auto-Responder: This notification is used when a contact creates a ticket via the web form or email.

2. Ticket Reply: This notification is used to enable replies to be received by contacts.

3. Contact account invite: This notification is used when a contact creates a ticket for the first time and an account is created automatically for them.

4. Ticket Assignment: This notification is used when a ticket is assigned to a staff member

These notifications can be disabled if you wish not to send these notifications to the clients.

The following tags can be linked to any contact notification email for more customized messaging:

 1. category_name: Displays the category name 

 2. subject: Displays the ticket subject

 3. client_name: Displays the client name.

 4. http_url: Displays the help desk URL

 5. message: Displays the original message (email) sent by the client.

 6. staff_name: Displays the name of the staff

 7. status: Displays the current status of the ticket

 8. client_ticket_url: Link to access ticket in the customer panel (for client)

 9. staff_username: Displays the username of the staff

10. Client_update_url: Displays the permalink of last staff update.

11. category_signature: Include category signature in notifications.

12. ticket_id: Displays the ticket ID

13. client_email: Displays the client email id

14. priority: Includes the priority of the ticket 

15. reply: Includes the current reply sent by the staff.

16. staff_signature:Includes the staff signature

17. last_client_reply: Includes the last client reply along with the notification email.

18. last_actual_client_reply: Displays the last message sent by the client that originally       created the ticket.

19. ticket_number: Displays the ticket number.

20. Time Spent: Time spent on the ticket for each response.