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Keeping track of time spent on tickets
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Time Spent feature on HappyFox allows agents to log time spent while working on support tickets.

Available on all pricing plans.

Adding time spent on tickets:

  • Agents can add time spent on a ticket for every ticket reply or a private note added.
  • The time spent on a ticket is the cumulative value of all the individual time spent on ticket replies and private notes.

Note: You can enable the Auto-timer for time tracking to automatically start tracking time. Click here to know more.

Viewing Time Spent by Agents on Tickets:

  • The total time spent on a ticket is displayed under the "Time Spent" Section.
  • You can also add time spent manually to tickets, by clicking "Add Time" in this section.

Making Time Spent Addition Mandatory:

You can set adding time spent mandatory for each ticket reply / private note. This restriction can be configured at per category level. Steps to enable this feature:

  • Go to Manage >> Categories.
  • Click "Edit" on the desired Category.
  • Under "Ticket Update" options, enable "Adding time spent should be mandatory"
  • Click "Save Settings".

Enabling Time Spent by agents visible to contacts:

If needed, the time spent on tickets by agents can be shared with the contacts associated with those tickets. Steps to enable this feature:

  • Go to Manage >> Account Settings >> Support Center Settings.
  • Under Ticket preferences, enable " Show time spent on the ticket to contact".
  • Click "Save Settings".

Reporting on Time Spent:

If you would like to track the time your agents spend on tickets, you can generate reports, and analyze the time spent by agents. Click here to know more.

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