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Analyze Agent activity
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Monitor ticketing related activities (Ticket Closure, Time Spent etc.) of Agents in your helpdesk system using "Agent Activity View" inside HappyFox Reports. 

This Article pertains to "HappyFox Classic Reports". For the New and Re-Imagined "Agent Activity" report, Click here.

Available on all pricing plans.

Where to Locate "Agent Activity View"?

1. Login to your HappyFox helpdesk account and go to Reports (Classic) >> All Reports”.

2. Select the appropriate one from the list of available reports.

3. Scroll down to the Tabular View and click on the Agent Activity View icon.


Metrics Reported under "Agent Activity View":

  • The number of tickets assigned to an agent.
  • The number of tickets that had an "Agent Participation" activity. These include all activities that have a log in your ticket details page except for replies and private notes.
  • The number of tickets assigned to an agent, that are still in pending state.
  • The number of tickets that the agent has resolved.
  • The total time the agent has spent.
  • The number of private notes the agent has sent.
  • The total number of replies the agent has added.

To sort the data according to any of the parameters, click on the relevant column head. You can also export these values to CSV or MS Excel files by clicking on the respective button.


To know how "Agent Activity - Classic" Report functions in "HappyFox Classic", please refer to the document attached.


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