Reopen closed tickets on customer reply (without using Smart Rule)

Once your support staff closes a ticket, and a customer responds to the same ticket, there are now 3 ways to handle it.

Option 1: You can choose to keep the ticket closed, but just add the new update to it.

Option 2: You can automatically reopen the ticket to a specific status, if the reply came back within a specified time period.

Option 3: You can create a new ticket altogether, and leave the current ticket untouched (except, auto-relate it to the newly created ticket).

To configure this option, follow the steps below:

1. Login to HappyFox account's staff panel (with appropriate permissions) and go to Manage >> Categories.

2. Hover on a category name and click on the Edit link that appears.

3. On the category edit page, scroll to the bottom of the page where in you can see an option 'Behavior when a ticket in completed status is updated by customers'.

4. Set this option to 'Do Nothing', if you prefer to keep the ticket closed, but just add the new update to it.

5. Set this option to 'Reopen Ticket', if you prefer option 2 and you'll find another option that lets you pick the status, in which you can choose the status to reopen the ticket in.

The  'Reopen ticket within' setting can be used if you don't want to reopen old tickets that your customers reply to now, but instead create new follow up tickets. You can specify the maximum number of days from closure, before which if a customer responds, the ticket will be reopened. Leaving this empty, will always reopen the closed ticket when a customer adds an update on it.

6. Set the 'Behavior when a ticket in completed status is updated by customers' option to 'Create a New ticket', if you want to create a new ticket every time a user responds to a ticket that is in completed status behavior.


Note: The newly created ticket will be auto-related to the existing ticket.

As this is a category level, you can choose to enable this option on categories your wish and leave the rest intact, depending on your help desk workflow.

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  • 03-Oct-2018