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UI upgrade for Categories and Channels pages [Applicable only for selected HappyFox Helpdesk Accounts]
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Announcement: ūüďĚ :¬†A minor set of¬†HappyFox Helpdesk accounts were still having Categories and Email Channels setup screens in the older UI version. Starting from Nov 02, 2023, these accounts¬†will be automatically upgraded to the latest UI version of Category and Channels page. This upgrade will not impact any existing behaviour. More details are explained below.

What is the impact of this change to the older helpdesk accounts?

  • No impact. All functional aspects of Categories and Channels will remain the same.
  • All the Categories configured in the older version will be available in the newer version without any changes.
  • Email Channels configured for the respective Categories will now be made available in the Channels page¬†without any changes.

What's new?

  • When you navigate to Helpdesk Main Menu > Categories, the list of existing Categories already configured by you will be listed in a new version of UI. Refer screenshot below.
  • Clicking on a Category¬†module will open up a right panel with all the Category details and configurations



Edit Category screen: Category Details and Configuration


Category - Advanced Settings Screen


Category Signature


Category: Ticket Reply Settings


Category: Time tracking Settings


Category: Reopen Behaviour settings


Category: Email Settings

Outgoing email channel settings configured for the Category in the older version will be available here.


Category: Email Channel Setup and Configurations


Channels Module

A new module Channels will be available in the Main menu to easily configure and manage all your email channels. Refer screenshot below.


Emails Channels List Page and configuration screen



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I know if my account has been upgraded to the new UI for Categories and Channels?

Helpdesk accounts upgraded with the new UI for the Categories and Channels screens will have a note at the footer. Refer screenshot below.


2. How to configure or manage Categories in the newer version?

3. Category advanced Settings - Overview

4. How to configure Emails Channels in the newer version?

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