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Allow auto-forwarding emails to external domains (for Microsoft email accounts only)
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There has been a recent change in Microsoft's security policy that restricts auto-forwarding emails to external domains. If you receive a bounce-back email when auto-forwarding emails to your HappyFox account's email address (Eg., please follow the below steps.



To work around this and modify existing security policies or to create a new outgoing policy and allow auto-forwarding to HappyFox, please follow the below steps. 


To create, edit and delete outbound policies, you need to be a member of one of the following role groups:


Note: This applies only for accounts that have an existing forwarding rule setup to auto-forward emails to your HappyFox. If you are looking to setup a new forwarding rule, please review this article.


1. Log on to with your credentials directly or head over to Security & Compliance Center > Threat management > Policy > Anti-spam if already logged in.



2. Click Create an outbound policy or choose from the list if you wish to modify an existing policy.



3. Once the Outbound spam filter policy section appears, configure the following settings:

  • Name: A unique name for the policy (for new policy only)

  • Description: An optional description for the policy (for new policy only)


4. Expand Automatic forwarding section to control automatic email forwarding to external recipients. For more information about automatic forwarding, see Configure email forwarding.

The available options are:

  • Automatic - System-controlled: Allows outbound spam filtering to control automatic external email forwarding. This is the default value.

  • On: Automatic external email forwarding is not disabled by the policy.  (Select this option)

  • Off: All automatic external email forwarding is disabled by the policy.




5. To specify users, groups, or domains to which/whom this policy should apply, create a recipient based rule. Click on Applied to and choose from of the conditions listed. This ensures that the anti-spam outgoing policy applies only when the given conditions are met.


Note: The email domain showed here is only for demonstration purpose





6. Use the Add an exception section to add special cases for this forwarding policy, by repeating step 5.



7. When you're finished, click Save.

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