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Enabling Category Wise Statuses
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HappyFox Agent Portal now offers the capability to set up custom statuses exclusive to specific categories. This enables you to track the business process of each category using the Ticket Status field. Various business functions in each organisation using the Helpdesk can now track their tickets across their business process. 




Applicable Plans: ❌ Mighty ❌ Fantastic  ❌ Enterprise ❌ Starter ❌ Growth  ✔️ Enterprise Plus ✔️Scale  ✔️Scale Plus


Enabling Category wise Statuses

To enable statuses for each category in the agent portal, please follow the steps outlined below

  1. Navigate to Manage > Account Settings > Feature Settings.

  2. Enable the toggle for Category Wise Statuses.

Note: Feature Settings can be modified only by the account admin.

By default this feature setting will be turned off for all accounts both existing and new.


Feature Overview:


  • Upon enabling this feature, all existing statuses created in the agent portal will be automatically mapped to all categories by default.

  • Whenever a status is created (Manage > Statuses), the admin will be required to associate the relevant categories with the new status by using the Choose Categories field. All the categories created so far will be listed for selection.


  • The number of categories associated with a particular status will be displayed in the Statuses List screen


  • The Default Status will be mandatorily associated to all the categories in the agent portal.

  • On editing a status, the admin will be able to update the associated categories.

  • When a new category is created (Manage > Categories), the admin will be required to associate the relevant statuses with the new category by using the Associate Statuses field. All the statuses created so far will be listed for selection.

  • At Least one pending and closed statuses should be associated to all categories


  • When a status is deleted, the existing dependencies with respect to the automation modules/associated tickets will be honored. The associated category mapping will be removed when a status is deleted.

  • When a category is deleted, the  source category statuses should be mapped/shared to destination category, else a validation will be thrown as shown below


Ticket Details and Ticket Level Impacts

  • Only the statuses that are associated with the particular category will be shown in the ticket.

  • During a bulk action for a status change, the system will only perform the action on tickets that have the status-category association and it will fail for all other tickets without this association.

  • When a ticket is moved to a different category, if the status is available in the destination category it will be retained, else the ticket will be mapped to the default category.

  • In the left pane of the ticket list page , the agent will be able to filter the tickets based on the respective statuses within each category.


Automation Module Impacts

  • Canned Actions - When creating a canned action, all statuses will be visible. The admin must exercise their discretion and ensure they consider the status/category association while setting up the canned action.

  • When editing an existing status/category association, the admin will need to check for possible impacts to Smart Rules, SLA, Canned Actions, Ticket Templates. Scheduled Tickets, Queues/Filters.

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