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Ticket Update View Order Preference

HappyFox provides you an option to set your preferred order of Ticket Updates. Whether you'd like to view the most recent update on top or the oldest one first. To set this preferred view order: 1. Click on the Avatar icon on the top right corner. 2. Click on **My Settings.** ![][1] 3. Click on **Ticket Preferenc…

Ticket Update Tabs in HappyFox New

The Updates section in the ticket details page contains the following tab: * All * Messages * Attachments ![][1] #### All Tab : All tab shows the complete activity log in the ticket which includes Staff/Customer update, ticket property change, tags added, survey result etc. ![][2] #### Messages Tab: Head…

Threading Without Ticket ID in the Subject Line

**Introduction:** This feature facilitates threading of tickets and its updates without the need of having ticket ID in the subject line. Current behaviour requires ticket ID to be present in the subject line. > **Note**: This is applicable in all the pricing plans.** ** The threading of the tickets can now be achi…

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