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What are the filters available in Happyfox BI?

**Filter and its types:** **There are three types of filters available within HappyFox BI,** * **Implicit filter** * **Explicit filter** * **Top N filter** ![][1] **Implicit filters: ** **Implicit filters allow users to choose a field to be a custom filter on the visualization. Implicit filter values are …

Identify Unresponded Tickets

Quickly identifying unresponded tickets can reduce turnaround time for customer queries and help you engage your customers better. In HappyFox, you can quickly identify unresponded tickets by looking out for the "**Indicator bulb**". The indicator is **"Red"** for unresponded tickets. **Watch a Feature Walkthrough 📽…

View all Unassigned Tickets

HappyFox agents can quickly list unassigned tickets in their support pipeline through: * Filters. * Queues. **Listing unassigned tickets through Filters:** * Go to Ticket List Page. * Click "Apply Filter". * Click " Create a New Filter". * In either one of "Match All" or "Match Any", Click "+". * Ente…

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