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Showing articles from ticket reply tag

Insert Knowledge Base Articles in Ticket Replies

While adding an update to a ticket, agents can insert relevant knowledge base article links in the copy of the response. Agents can also "**Quick Preview**" the contents of the KB article, choose to copy-paste the contents of the article into the ticket response, without moving away from the ticket details page. **W…

Utilize The Rich Text Editor for Ticket Responses

HappyFox provides you with a rich text editor to format your [Ticket Responses][1]/[Canned Actions ][2]and present them in a better way. **Enabling HappyFox's Rich Text Editor Mode:** To enable the Rich Text Editor, * Login to your Agent account. * Go to Manage >> Account Settings. * Under Basic Settings, Che…

Call Notes for Voice Channel Tickets

When you get on a call your customer through external voice channels, you would want to add a quick summary on a help desk ticket for reference. With HappyFox, you can mark ticket replies and private notes as **Call Notes** to clearly distinguish them from regular ticket responses. Call notes are reportable and you c…

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