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Reports: Canned Actions
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Visualize the usage of canned actions, identify canned actions that are sporadically/frequently used using HappyFox's Canned Actions report.


Available on all pricing plans.


Go to Reports >> Canned Actions (From the module switcher).




🔐 Permission Alert: The Visibility of this report is governed by managerial permission - "View Canned Actions Reports". Read more about Reports Permissions here.

How to set up the Canned Actions report?

  • Choose the desired Categories for which you want the report statistics to be based upon.
  • Select the time period for the report. The report statistics will populate based on the tickets that had a canned action insert activity during the selected time period.

Summary Pane:

Overview tabs in the summary pane give you a gist on some overall canned action usage statistics.


Canned Actions: The number of Canned Actions that had at least one use during the selected time frame.

Tickets Applied: The number of tickets that had at least one Canned Action use during the selected time-frame.

Times Applied: The number of times Canned Actions were used during the selected time-frame.

Most Used Canned Actions This tab displays the most used Canned Action along with its usage count.



By Canned Actions:

This widget distributes metrics like "Tickets Applied" and "Times Applied" across different canned actions.  This widget can be visualized in different forms - table, bar chart, pie chart and donut chart. A maximum of 100 canned actions will be displayed in this widget. If you'd like to narrow down to a specific canned action, use the "search" functionality.


By Agents

This widget distributes the usage of canned actions across agents. You can select the desired canned action through the "Canned Action Selector" and the corresponding distribution of agent usage metrics will populate inside the widget.  A maximum of 200 agent names will be displayed in this widget. If you'd like to narrow down the canned action use of a specific agent, use the search functionality.


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