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Create Salesforce CRM Leads from HappyFox
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Push any potential customer in your help desk system as a Salesforce Lead! HappyFox allows you to create Salesforce CRM leads from within your ticket details page via the "New Lead Creation" form.

Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus
Heads up ❇️: Looking for Salesforce Integration Setup Instructions 🛠? Please refer to this article to get started 🚀.

Guide to Configure the Salesforce New Lead Creation Form:

Permission Alert : You would need "Manage Apps" permission to be able to customize the Salesforce New Lead Creation Form.

  • Log in to HappyFox as an agent.
  • Go to Apps >> CRM >> Salesforce >> Manage.
  • Navigate to "Select Salesforce Objects to be shown in HappyFox" section.
  • Under Default Objects, Click "Manage" adjacent to Leads.
  • The fields selected will appear in your "Create new Salesforce Lead form".
    • Select desired fields and their display order in HappyFox. The selected fields are ordered row-wise while shown in the ticket detail page and in the "New Lead Creation" form.
    • Verify that you have selected all fields marked as "Required" for Lead submission in Salesforce. Learn more about Lead Fields here.
    • List of Salesforce Field types currently supported by HappyFox for Creating Leads: boolean, integer, double, currency, string, email, phone, textarea, picklist, date.
    • Warning: If you have any required lead field that is not among the aforementioned field type, you can still continue to create leads from HappyFox. Please contact your Salesforce Admin to:
      • Remove the "Required" nature for the field in Salesforce.
      • Set a default value for the field in Salesforce.

Guide to Create a new Salesforce Lead from HappyFox:

  • Navigate to the desired ticket details page.
  • Ensure HappyFox-Salesforce Integration is enabled
  • Under the "SalesForce" integration section in the right panel, click "Leads" accordion.
  • You will find the list of leads associated with the Ticket contact's email id [If already present].
  • Click "Create Lead" to open up the create lead sidebar.
  • Fields required for new lead creation in Salesforce are marked with "*" .
  • Fill in the desired lead fields and click "Create" to successfully create a new lead in Salesforce.

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