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Send Email using Smart Rules
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You can send Email from HappyFox automatically, using Smart Rules

Available on all pricing plans

To do this,

Make sure to enable "Manage Smart Rules" permission under Roles & Permissions >> Managerial >> Automate.
  1. Go to Automate >> Smart Rule.
  2. Create a new smart rule.
  3. In the Action section, under Notify, choose "Send Email".
  4. Provide the details of from name, email recipients, subject and compose the message. Use Merge fields if necessary.

     5. Define conditions that govern when the Smart Rule should be triggered automatically.

     6. Enter the name and description for the Smart Rule. Choose applicable categories and associate an appropriate Work Schedule. Enable/Disable one-time execution of Smart Rules.

     7. Finish creating Smart Rule.

Note: Add Multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma ' , ' . An example of this is :,
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