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Contact Group: Available Time
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Contact Group: Available time feature lets you track billable "Support Time" for your Contact Groups.

This feature allows agents to:

  • Allocate "Support Time" to contact group in a centralized fashion.

  • Reduce/Modify "Support Time" after providing support on tickets raised by contacts of the contact group.

  • Alert Contacts if their "Support Time" is less than one hour in their customer-portal. The same alert is displayed on the ticket details page on the agent-portal.

Available to Enterprise and higher pricing plans.

Steps to Enable this Feature:

  • Go to Manage >> Account Settings >> Contact Group Available Time Settings.

  • Enable "Available Time feature for Contact Groups" checkbox. 

  • Click "Save Settings".


There are two Managerial Permissions that Govern this feature:

  • Add Available Time For Contact Group

    • Allows agents to add Support time to the corresponding contact group.

  • Reduce Available Time For Contact Group

    • Allows agents to reduce Support time to the corresponding contact group.

Allocating "Support Time" to a Contact Group:

  • Go to Contacts >> Contact Groups.

  • Select the desired contact you would like to add "Support Time".

  • On the "Contact Group - Available Time" Section on the right panel, you can perform "Additions"/"Reductions" to contact group available time.




What are Refill Settings?

Refill Settings are read-only indicators for the rest of the agents, informing them about:

  • Preferred refill duration for the corresponding contact group.

  • The Unused Time for the particular period needs to be carried over to the next refill or not.

Viewing/Modifying the "Support Time" available to the Contact Group from Ticket Details Page:

  • Go to the details page of the ticket raised by a contact of the corresponding Contact Group.

  • You would be able to find the details about the "Support Time" in the " Contact Group Available Time" section in the right panel.

  • You can perform the additions/reductions to the available time after catering to the contact's support request.

Contact details page also has the provision to modify the available time for the contact  groups, the contact is a part of.


  • Alerts are displayed on the details page [On the agent side] of the ticket raised by the contact if the available time is less than one hour.

  • Alerts are displayed to the contacts of the contact group if their available time is less than one hour.

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      v2 Contact Portal




Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens if the "Available Time" is negative?

A: There will be no restrictions imposed for the Contact Group, but the next time you are refilling the Support time, the "Available Time" gets added taking into account the negative time.

For example, If the current available time is -1h 4m for the Contact Group “Arsenal”, If you add 1h 30m Support Time during your next refill, the current available time for “Arsenal” would be 26m.


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