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What are primary contact groups?
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For every contact created in Happyfox and which has at least one contact group associated, you can set a primary contact group for that contact. This primary group contact will then be used as the contact group for the tickets created by the contact. 


For example, a customer who raises tickets for two different contact groups(Organizations) X and Y, setting X as the primary contact group will link all the tickets created by the contact thereafter to this contact group (x) by default. You can choose to change the contact group for a ticket anytime later. 


Also, in the ticket details page, HappyFox will then choose to show the contact group custom fields of this primary contact group by default. 


In addition to the above, your new ticket form prefills this primary contact group value as the contact group for the ticket once you choose the contact of the ticket.  


How to change/set a primary contact group of a contact? 

  1. Go to Main menu >> Contact >> Choose the contact for which you wish to change the primary contact group. 
  2. In the contact details page, the right pane will have the “Contact group” section as shown below. 
  3. Hover to view the edit option for the primary contact group.
  4. Click on “Edit” and set the new primary contact group. 


How to change the contact group associated with the ticket? 

Within the ticket details page. In the right pane, under the contact group information section, you can find the option “Change contact group”. This lets you set a contact group for this ticket. 




Note: Only the contact group that the contact is part of will get listed in this option. Changing the contact group for a ticket will not change the primary contact group of contact. This option lets you set the right contact group of the ticket since contacts might raise tickets for more than one contact group (organization) over a period. 


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