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Reports: Inflow
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The Inflow report is all about how tickets are created in your help-desk. This report breaks down ticket creation by category (including categories that have been deleted) and channel so that you can monitor their respective ticket-count for the selectable period in the past. More importantly, you can also use this report to observe inflow trends and understand which hours/days/months/quarters were the busiest or calmest.

Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus 


Go to Reports >> Inflow.

Summary Pane:

Overview tabs in the summary pane give you a gist on some key inflow statistics:

Total Tickets:  Displays the total count of tickets created across various channels and categories.

Avg Tickets/day: Displays the average count of tickets created per day (includes all days of the week).

Avg Tickets/weekend: Displays the average count of tickets created per day specifically during the weekends (Sat-Sun).

Avg Tickets/weekday: Displays the average count of tickets created per day specifically during the weekdays (Mon-Fri).




  • The average values are rounded off to the nearest whole number.
  • The above statistics are subject to the time-frame and categories selected in the filter. 

Inflow by Channel:

This widget visualizes the inflow the number of tickets created across various channels.



Inflow by Category:

Inflow by category visualizes the count of tickets submitted across various categories. You can now identify which category is getting the most tickets and which one the least.


Channel Distribution across Categories:

This widget distributes count of tickets created across categories and further drills the count to their respective channels.



Inflow by Channel/Category across time:

These widgets show the Ticket Inflow by Category or Channel across time. You can further refine this visualization in time by the hour, day, month, quarter or year. These visualizations help you comprehend quickly the most active/inactive time period(s) for ticket creations channel-wise and category-wise.
Inflow across time can be viewed in three visualizations:

  • Timeline Table.
  • Heatmap.
  • Line Graph.


Note: Tickets created in categories that are now deleted will still show up in the inflow report. 
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