Add CC and BCC fields

When you create a ticket or reply to one, if you wish to keep all recipients in the loop, you can do so by specifying their email addresses in the CC and BCC fields.

1. To do this, Login to your HappyFox account.

2. Click on New Ticket in the header section of the page.

3. Type in the details of the contact and specify the ticket details.

4. Click “Add CC” to specify the email addresses of the recipients to whom you would like to send a copy of the content, or for anonymity, click “Add BCC” and specify the email addresses.

5. Type in the ticket content, specify the properties of the ticket and click Create Ticket.

The contents of the ticket will be sent to the intended recipients.

Navigate to your tickets page and click on the ticket that you just created.

In the ticket details page, click “Add Update” button. Now if you click “CC” or “BCC” you can see that the email addresses that you gave at the time of ticket creation are retained.

The addresses that are given in the CC and BCC fields at the time of creating a ticket will be retained and will be available every time you respond to the ticket, thus avoiding the hassle of having to type in the email addresses each time.

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  • 03-Oct-2018