Configure Delighted Integration With HappyFox

Delighted is a survey platform that helps you gather NPS/CSAT/CES/5-Star-Rating scores from your customers. Delighted allows you to monitor customer sentiments, survey trends and also correlate and compare information from various customer segments. Delighted integration allows your HappyFox agents to view survey scores submitted by your contacts in ticket-detail pages and in new-ticket form.

To enable Delighted integration with HappyFox, you need to

  1. Get the “API Key” from Delighted.

  2. Install and configure Delighted app in HappyFox using the “API Key”.

Pricing Plan: All Plans

Getting the API Key from Delighted

1. Login to Delighted and navigate to the bottom of the screen to find "API".

2. Copy the value of “Your API Key”.

Installing and Configuring Delighted app inside HappyFox

1. Login to HappyFox and navigate to “Apps” module.

2. Either search for “Delighted” or navigate to “Survey” category to find the Delighted app.

3. Click on the Delighted app and choose “Install”.

4. During the app configuration, paste the “API Key” copied from Delighted.

5. Click “Save” to finish configuring the app and to enable the integration.

The integration with Delighted always shows the most recent survey score from your customers on the ticket-detail pages and in new-ticket form.

Recent survey score from customer displayed on the ticket-detail page

Recent survey score from customer displayed while creating a new ticket

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  • 02-Jul-2019