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Enable integration with SurveyGizmo
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SurveyGizmo and HappyFox integration allows you to collect the customer feedback once a support issue is resolved or at any different time during the ticket’s lifecycle within HappyFox.  


To enable SurveyGizmo integration do the following:

SurveyGizmo Settings:


Sign up for a SurveyGizmo account by choosing a plan, taking into account the volume of surveys and question types you anticipate handling over a month. Once your SurveyGizmo account is activated, access the account and click “Create a Survey” button.



Give a title to your Survey in the setup page and start creating your own survey.



Configure your survey questions and review the look and feel of your survey page.


Get the Survey link from the "Share" tab that you can use to gather feedback from HappyFox customers through notifications or smart rules integration.



HappyFox Settings:


After you copy the survey link you can put it into the Notifications page or the Smart Rules page depending upon when you want the user to fill the survey questionnaire.


Add HappyFox notification tags along with “?rep” to your survey link. This lets SurveyGizmo identify the feedback request with unique parameters. The notification-tags are placeholders that add contextual information to the ticket and help you identify the source of the survey easily.


Here is an example:



Go to Manage --> Smart Rules --> Add new smart rule.


Add smart rule conditions, customize your message and drop your SurveyGizmo link just below your message along with the HappyFox notification tags.



Once you save the settings you are ready to send survey links to your customers.


To view the survey results you can log in to SurveyGizmo account and visit your survey link under report tab and click View Reports to see the responses.


Who can enable this integration?


Admin can enable integration with SurveyGizmo by enabling the Smart Rule settings and deciding when to collect a particular feedback from customers.

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